KoreScale Gen2 Editor Review: Peek Inside Your Body


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Without the right tech, our bodies are mysterious. We can observe the external changes – weight gain, weight loss – but the underlying causes often remain a mystery. Even more perplexing, sometimes these changes aren’t what they appear to be. Losing weight, for instance, might not always mean shedding fat; it could be muscle loss.

Until recently, the only way to decipher these mysteries was through a comprehensive physical exam by a healthcare professional. However, this method is not only costly and time-consuming, but it also doesn’t provide the daily insights needed to fine-tune your diet or exercise regimen.

Enter the KoreScale Gen2, a groundbreaking device that offers a detailed look inside your body, right from the comfort of your home. This device is a quantum leap from your traditional bathroom scale.

What is KoreScale Gen2? While you may have heard of smart scales, the KoreScale Gen2 is more akin to a prodigy scale. Its secret lies in the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. When you step on the scale, four precision sensors scan your body and provide data on 14 key health metrics, including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and more. With KoreScale Gen2, the guesswork in fitness is eliminated, providing real-time insights into how your body responds to diet and exercise.

KoreScale with app

How Does KoreScale Gen2 Work? Operating the KoreScale Gen2 is a breeze. Download a compatible app. It works with the KoreHealth (premium) and FeelFit (free) apps. Then, step on the platform barefoot to allow the sensors to read your body’s electrical signals, and within seconds, you’ll receive a comprehensive readout of your body’s composition. All your data is automatically stored and graphed for easy tracking of changes and progress.

Why is KoreScale Gen2 an Effective Weight Loss Tool? Weight loss can be frustrating when the results don’t match expectations. This is often because the weight loss isn’t targeted. KoreScale Gen2 breaks down your weight into categories: fat, muscle, bone, and water, enabling you to understand exactly what your body needs to achieve your desired results. It even helps set goals and tracks daily progress to keep you motivated.

What Else Can KoreScale Gen2 Do? KoreScale Gen2 isn’t just a weight loss tool; it’s a comprehensive fitness companion. It can reveal your metabolic age, indicating how quickly your body is aging compared to your actual age. If you’re altering your diet, KoreScale Gen2 can help track your protein levels to ensure proper nutrition. These insights, once exclusive to professional athletes, are now readily available to you, thanks to KoreScale Gen2.

KoreScale Gen2: A Revolution in Personal Health and Fitness Whether you’re embarking on a fitness journey, starting a new diet, or simply curious about your body’s inner workings, KoreScale Gen2 is your go-to device. For the first time, you can gain a real-time understanding of your body’s functioning in a fast, easy, and affordable way.

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